World Pianist Invitational - Where the world's promising pianists meet and compete

The World Pianist Invitational (WPI) is a celebration dedicated to the discipline of classical piano and the world's most talented young pianists.

Only the first 2,500 competitor applications will be accepted by the WPI Judicial Committee via our online secure WPI website. The applications will be reviewed and certified by the WPI Judicial Committee and then assigned to WPI international judges for adjudication. The application deadline for our next competition will be announced in October 2014.

World Pianist Invitational Rules

The competition is open to all aspiring pianists worldwide who will be between the ages of 6 and 29 on the date of the WPI Final Round and Gala Concert. A maximum of 2,500 applicants will be accepted. In the Preliminary Round of this international competition, each competitor will be judged by a team of certified judges. The application deadline will be published for each competition.

Download the official rules by clicking on the button below.

2014 Rules

Five Competitor Age Groups

A maximum of 2,500 pianists representing five age groups will compete in an online contest to determine the top five finalists in each age group. WPI age groups are Young Musicians (6-9 years old), Junior Musicians (10-13 years old), Intermediate Musicians (14-17 years old), Advanced Musicians (18-21 years old) and Graduate Musicians (22-29 years old).

Online Preliminary Judging

Each contestant will submit a YouTube performance video of their playing for "blind" judging by teams of highly qualified judges from throughout the international music community. Finalists will be judged during their live performance at The Kennedy Center by an international panel of experts.

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