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Due to scheduling challenges, The World Pianist Invitational Foundation Board of Directors has elected to postpone its next competition until 2015.

A full refund has been issued to each applicant who paid to enter the 2014 competition. A check was mailed to the person who paid the registration fee.

The World Pianist Invitational is grateful for the worldwide response it received from those who applied to participate in the 2014 competition. WPI sincerely regrets any inconvenience that this decision may have caused any of this year's applicants. Applications from potential 2014 competitors and judges will be retained in our system for consideration in the next competition cycle.

For further information, please contact Patrick Saty, Founder and Board Member, World Pianist Invitational Foundation.

Enter a world-class international classical piano competition.

On June 15, 2013, World Pianist Invitational Finalists performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and took home more than $10,000 in cash scholarships.

Our next competition will be held at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater in 2015.

Applications for the 2015 competition will be accepted beginning in Fall 2014. To sign up for the latest news, please go to the WPI Newsletter Sign Up Page.

Congratulations to the winners of the
2013 World Pianist Invitational!

Young Musicians (6-9 years old)
First Place - Joshua Stanczak, USA
First Runner Up - Marissa Liu, USA
Second Runner Up - Anna Wang, USA
Finalist - Evan Xue, USA
Finalist - Gianna Sabatini, USA

Junior Musicians (10-13 years old)
First Place - Samuel Howard Huie, USA
First Runner Up - Laura Chen, USA
Second Runner Up - Leyla Kabuli, USA
Finalist - Jessica Yeung, USA
Finalist - Lawrence Lan, USA

Intermediate Musicians (14-17 years old)
First Place - Josiah Wilkinson, USA
First Runner Up - Naomi Druskic, Bosnia
Second Runner Up - Shandee Teruya, USA
Finalist - Elizabeth McDowell, USA
Finalist - Jason Ren, Bahamas

Advanced Musicians (18-21 years old)
First Place - Mario Jimenez, Costa Rica
First Runner Up - Kevin Huang, USA
Second Runner Up - Kawthar Abbas, Bahrain

Graduate Musicians (22-29 years old)
First Place - Suham Bello, Costa Rica
First Runner Up - Valeria Delgado, Costa Rica
Second Runner Up - Myung-ji Lee, Republic of Korea
Finalist - Fahrettin Eren Yahsi, Turkey

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